Welcome Back!

by HobbyGenius VIP on June 24, 2015 at 10:35 pm | 0 comments.

So it’s been a year! Sorry about that. But we’re back now.

New Tutorial Set

We have big plans here for the next few weeks-months. We have several sets of tutorials to finish, including one that we’ve just started.

First off, we need to finish the Signal Processing tutorials, secondly we’re going to expand the Raspberry Pi tutorials, at the moment we have a Programming in Python category which is empty. I’m about to start a new project using my RPi and so I’ll be writing Python tutorials alongside doing this.

PCB Cross Section

PCB Cross Section

Next up, we’ve just started a new set of tutorials! These are all about PCBs and Schematics. Starting with what PCBs are and how they are used. Moving on to designing schematics and finally linking the two together to design and fabricate your own PCB.

Exciting stuff!

So keep checking back regularly and we’ll keep on posting.