MYO and Physics Tutorials

by on March 15, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Just a quick note to start with, the Physics tutorials have now all been uploaded. We had a bit of trouble dealing with the equations (they were slowing the website down) but it’s sorted now. So with that we encourage you to go and check them out here.


Today I want to show you something that I think is really fascinating, and will no doubt become part of the future of technology: MYO developed by Thalmic Labs.

This clever device uses electronics to detect muscle activity in your arm and a set of motion detectors to detect how your hand and arm is moving. It has a battery inside along with an ARM processor and Bluetooth module to connect to a computer/games console/embedded device etc.



Thalmic Labs are releasing this with a set of developer APIs allowing developers anywhere to write software to interact with the MYO. I like this because it means anyone can use it, from big electronics companies (like Sony or Microsoft) down to a hobbyist with a Bluetooth module. You can see in the video that it can be used for controlling games and I wouldn’t be surprised if within a year Xbox or Playstation hasn’t brought out a way of using MYO (or developing their own device).

Send me and email if you know of a similar type of product or if you have created a project using Bluetooth/accelerometers because we’d love to showcase it.