Welcome to the Physics tutorials. In these tutorials we will get down to the inner workings of all things electronics. Like the analogue electronics tutorials, these tutorials aren’t aimed at hobbyists as the content is not necessary to use electronics; they are written for students to revise with. They are also aimed at experienced hobbyists or engineers as a reference to things they may have forgotten since learning it.

We will start simply with the atom and how current flows in: conductors, insulators and semiconductors. We’ll look deeply into how semiconductor material is made and why it can conduct electricity and finally we’ll talk about the electric fields in semiconductors.

These tutorials act as an introduction to the Semiconductor Devices tutorials, where we look at the workings of Diodes, Transistors and MOSFETs. They are the most advanced theory tutorials; these assume you have knowledge of basic electronics, discrete devices and especially, integrated circuits and logic. The content in the tutorials is not necessary for any of the microcontroller tutorials or the practical projects but you may want to have a read anyway just to expand your current knowledge.

So let’s go…